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Area Attractions

A visit to the Greenville Zoo typically takes one to two hours. While you're in Greenville, use the time to see some of the nearby attractions:

Falls Park on the Reedy and The Liberty Bridge
Falls Park on the Reedy

Enjoy a stroll across the Liberty Bridge and get a birds-eye view of Reedy River Falls. This park and public garden is located in the heart of downtown. More information

Mickey - A Mouse on Main
The River Trail

Jump on the Reedy Riverwalk at Cleveland Park, and enjoy approximately 2.5 miles of paved path meandering through the park and connecting to Falls Park on the Reedy. More information

Mickey - A Mouse on Main
Mice on Main!

Hidden throughout downtown Greenville are nine bronze mice. Enjoy a stroll through downtown while your children search for Mickey, Mikey and all their friends! More information