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News from The Greenville Zoo

Baby Siamang Born at the Zoo

3/16/2015: The Greenville Zoo is celebrating the birth of a siamang. Born March 14, the offspring is the first for parents Ella, 25 years old, and Oscar, 23 years old, and marks the first birth of the endangered species for the zoo in the last 21 years. Zoo staff will allow the family time to bond and will determine the gender over the next few weeks. More about Siamang Birth

Greenville Zoo Announces Future Plans for Exhibits

2/11/2015: The Greenville Zoo announced today its plans to unveil a redesigned South American Aviary Exhibit on Saturday and renovate the former Elephant Exhibit into a new South American Mixed-Species Exhibit that is scheduled to open this summer. The exhibits are the first to be constructed since 2008. More about renovations

Zoo Bids Farwell to Popular Orangutan

11/24/2014: Bob, one of three Bornean orangutans at the Greenville Zoo, will be leaving on December 3 for his new home at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon. As part of a recommendation by the Orangutan Species Survival Program (SSP), administered by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), Bob will be introduced to a female orangutan. More about Bob's Move

Zoo Launches Elephant Mosaic Project

10/31/2014: Beginning November 1, the Greenville Zoo will launch a new mosaic art project that will give the community an opportunity to honor the zoo’s late elephants and help raise funds for new exhibit space and elephant conservation efforts. The digital mosaic will be crafted from over 1,000 individual pieces of artwork created by the public and will occupy a new plaza area in front of the former Elephant Exhibit. Mosaic News Release

AZA Grants Accreditation to Greenville Zoo

9/18/2014: The Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) today announced that the Greenville Zoo was granted accreditation by AZA’s independent Accreditation Commission. To be accredited, the Greenville Zoo underwent a thorough review to ensure it has and will continue to meet rising standards, which include animal care, veterinary programs, conservation, education, and safety. AZA requires zoos and aquariums to successfully complete this rigorous accreditation process every five years in order to be members of the Association. AZA News Release