Birthday Parties

Thank you for your interest in birthday parties at the Greenville Zoo! We are currently restructuring our birthday party offerings. Please check back regularly for updates.


You can still enjoy a wonderful birthday party experience at the Greenville Zoo.


Covered pavilions are available outside of the zoo entrance and are available for rent. Shelter #29 is closest to the Zoo entrance and features a wonderful playground. Shelter #30 is a little further from the zoo entrance but has a playground that is well suited for children ages Pre-k to third grade.

Catalog - City of Greenville (

$125 ½ Day Rental: 9:00am-1:00pm or 3:00pm-7:00pm

$200 for Full Day Rental 9:00am-7:00pm


You are welcome to purchase tickets for your guests on our website. It is recommended that tickets be purchased online once all your guests have arrived to your party and you have a solid head count of how many guests will be entering the zoo together. Pick the time slot that is closest to your entry time. You do not have to arrive at that exact time listed on your purchase. Once your tickets are purchased, you can go straight to the ticket booth with your group and check in.

For Pricing and/or to purchase tickets to the Greenville Zoo for your guests, please visit:

Tickets | Greenville Zoo, SC

If you plan on pre-purchasing 50 or more tickets (adults and/or children ages 3-15) please call (864) 467-4588. Tickets are valid for 1 year and will be available for pick up the day of your party.