Science Saturday 5-7 Year Olds

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Science Saturday classes are designed to help students ages 5-7 discover the fascinating world of animals through STEM. Join us each month for a themed lesson with crafts, experiments, and up-close animal encounters. Program length is 1.5 hours from 10am-11:30am.


Member Price: $15 per class
Non-Member Price: $25 per class 

Know Before You Go!

Please send students to class with a water bottle and a snack that does not contain nut products. 

Please dress students in weather appropriate attire with close-toed shoes. Classes will only be cancelled if the zoo is required to close to the public. 

January 14th - Experimenting with Snowflakes

Did you know that every snowflake is unique? How can that be true?! Come find out and meet a few unique animals along the way.

February 18th - Earthquake! 

There are at least 55 earthquakes every single day. Some are big and some are small. What causes them? Can we stop them? Where do animals go when an earthquake starts? Come learn all about earthquakes and meet a few seismic survivors.

March 11th - Communicating with Chemicals

Some animals yell. Some animals stomp. And some animals prefer a quieter method. Come learn about the animals who communicate using chemicals. We’ll play games, do experiments, and even help one of these animals finish a maze.

April 15th - Are You Afraid of the Dark?

What makes things glow in the dark? How do animals make their body parts light up? What is bioluminescence? Let’s find out!

May 13th - Mission to Mars: Could Animals Live in Space? 

Every planet is different and only one is home to animals. Why? Could animals ever live in space? Let’s find out!