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Our homeschool programs offer lively, hands-on classes that are sure to engage students as they learn. Classes often include experiments, animal encounters, and educational games.

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Member Price: $20 per class
Non-Member Price: $25 per class


K5-2nd Grade- Tuesday or Wednesday 9:00-10:30

3rd grade-5th grade- Tuesday or Wednesday 11:00-12:30

6th grade-8th grade- Tuesday 1:00-2:30

Classes and Dates

November 9th or 10th : Creative Creatures

Animals can do some incredible and amazing things! We will investigate spiders and birds that dance, fish that design intricate mandalas, and ecosystem engineers that build like architects.

December: No Homeschool Programs- Please join us for Holidays at the Zoo

January 11th or 12th : All in the Family

Why do some babies look just like their parents? Why do some babies have blue eyes and some have brown eyes? It’s Genetics! We will explore the world of genetics to discover why things look the way they do.

February 15th or 16th : Once Upon an Animal

Once upon a time, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Once upon a time, dodo birds and passenger pigeons were everywhere. Once upon a time, there were many critters that aren’t here anymore. Join us as we investigate the world of extinct creatures!

March 8th or 9th : Backyard Bugs

Although these critters might be creepy and crawly to some, insects and arachnids are some of the coolest animals that live all around us! We will learn just how important some of the insects living in our own backyard are and how to help them thrive.

April 12th or 13th : Mini Naturalists

Explore the world through the eyes of a naturalist. Make observations, ask questions, and learn how plants and animals work together through project-based learning!

May 10th or 11th: Cycles, Recycles and Upcycles

Join us to learn about the natural cycles of life and how matter flows through an ecosystem. We will explore Bioactive enclosures to learn how they are like mini ecosystems. We will also upcycle some recycled supplies to get started with our own terrarium. Join us for this day full of planet-friendly fun!