Homeschool Programs

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Homeschool students will experience a wide variety of interactive, hands-on learning as they explore the Greenville Zoo! The classroom will come to life with   up-close animal encounters, educational games, take home crafts, and zookeeper chats. Join us for these learning adventures! 


Member Price: $25 per class 

Non-member Price: $30 per class 

Know Before You Go!

  • Please send students to class with a water bottle and a snack that does not contain nut products. 
  • Please dress students in weather appropriate attire with close-toed shoes.
  • Classes will only be cancelled if the zoo is required to close to the public.

December: 13th - Zoo Toy Shop

*Virtual Class  

Zoo Toy Shop introduces students to all the ways animals have fun at the Greenville Zoo! During this program, we will define animal enrichment, investigate various zoo toys, and even have up-close encounters with fun-loving education animal ambassadors.

December’s class is a virtual class due to constraints with classrooms. Class will be held on Tuesday 12/13 during the 11:00-12:30 time slot for all ages and a zoom link will be emailed to you prior to the start of class. If you are currently signed up for this class and the digital format or time is an issue please reach out so we can discuss options for you. I apologize for the disruption in our regular programming and we will return back to zoo grounds and regular class times in January. 

January 10th & 11th - Zoo Tunes                

Why do animals make sounds? Do these sounds mean different things? Join us while we discover the world of animal music and learn the importance of sound in the animal kingdom!

February 14th & 15th - Skin and Bones

What is inside all our animal friends that gives them their shape? Join us as we explore skeletal systems and invertebrates alike.


March 14th & 15th - Creature Kaleidoscope 

Red ladybugs, orange frogs, yellow snakes, green spiders, blue tang fish, and purple birds! Discover why colors are important for animals and their survival! 


April 11th & 12th – Beast Besties

We will investigate interspecies relationships and how some animals have best friends that help them survive! 

May 16th & 17th - Home is where the animal is

Caves, deserts, rainforests, and more! Animals live in some amazing places. We will explore different habitats and how animals survive there.