Summer Zoo Camp 2023

Zoo Camp Banner 2023

Stay tuned for information on Zoo Camp 2024!

Join us for a fun-filled summer at the Greenville Zoo! Zoo Camp brings conservation to all ages through fun & games, experiments, behind-the-scenes adventures, animal encounters, keeper chats, and more! Campers ages 4 -14 are invited to investigate the wonders of the wild right here in Greenville.

4-5 year old Camps

Dino Discovery 

Dig up the past as we explore different types of dinosaurs daily!


Zoo Snoozers

When, where, and how do animals sleep? Join us as we answer those questions and search for the zoo's strangest sleepers!


Backyard Bugs

Creepy crawly critters are all around! See the more playful side of bugs and other invertebrates.


6-8 year old Camps

Time Traveler Tails

Travel through the geologic timeline as we explore the many creatures who have lived throughout history.


Animal Architects

Become an architect, engineer, and scientist as we uncover the amazing builders of the animal kingdom! 


Animal Olympics

What animal is the fastest in the world and who can jump the highest? Join us to learn about the amazing Olympic feats that animals do daily!



9-11 year old Camps

Movie Monsters

Dissect movie monsters and peek behind the curtain at the animals they are based on.


Discovering Habitats 

Habitats are changing all the time! Set out on a mission to investigate habitats around the world and help scientists make fascinating discoveries.

12 - 14 Junior Zookeeper Camp

Jr. Zookeeper 

Join the Greenville Zoo crew as you get an exclusive peek at what a day in the life of a zookeeper is all about!