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Bats - October 12th, 2023 @ 7pm EDT

Bats in South Carolina play a key role in our ecosystem and economy, yet these small beneficial creatures are often feared by grown adults! Join SCDNR Stat Bat Biologist Jennifer Kindel to debunk these fears and hear how bats help us. Many threats such as White-nose syndrome, human disturbance and habitat loss affect their populations. Learn how you can help in their conservation. 

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Conservation Lecture Poster - Bats 10/12

About the Speaker: Jennifer Kindel

Jennifer grew up on a farm in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and graduated with a MS in Wildlife Biology from Oregon State University. After 10 years contributing to avian ecology projects around the US and Western Australia, she moved to the bat world not long after moving to SC in 2012. As the state bat biologist and a TWS Certified Wildlife Biologist, Jennifer’s focus is to keep the SCDNR bat program running through grants and the help of dedicated temporary technicians. Duties include winter monitoring and testing for White-nose Syndrome in bat hibernacula, spring and summer mist netting and radio tracking of highest conservation concern species, running the SC citizen science program Bat Watch, and running the SC North American Bat Monitoring (NABat) acoustic program - a national effort to monitor bats by recording their calls at various habitat scales over time to promote effective bat conservation and management.

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