Amur Leopard: Wildcats Conservation Alliance

Who: Wildcats Conservation Alliance
What: Amur Leopard (critically endangered)
Where: Russian Far East and North East China, Asia
Why: With a total wild population of approximately 80–100 individuals, the Amur leopard is possibly the world's most endangered big cat. The population has grown over the past few decades, up from around 30 individuals in the 1970s, thanks to conservation organizations such as Wildcats Conservation Alliance, which channels 100% of funds raised to conservation projects for Amur leopards and tigers.

The projects supported include initiatives that provide anti-poaching efforts, mitigation of human-wildlife conflicts, population and wildlife health monitoring and education and outreach. Collectively, these projects help preserve the Amur leopard in the wild by protecting it and its habitat, as well as encouraging the communities that live with the leopard to do the same.

To learn more, visit the Wildcats Conservation Alliance website.