Adopt-an-Animal Program

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Show your support for the Greenville Zoo by becoming a wild parent to one of the animals participating in the Adopt-an-Animal Program.

As a zoo parent, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the Greenville Zoo and making a contribution to the welfare of the many animals that live here. Adopt-an-Animal funds are used for special animal care, enrichment, special diets, minor exhibit improvements and zookeeper training. They also help support important education and conservation programs at the Greenville Zoo.

We have many animals to choose from and adoptions begin at $25. In return for your donation, we will send you (or your gift recipient) the adoption package that accompanies that particular gift level.

January Special

Select the supporter level for Giant Anteaters during the month of January for $50 and receive: 

  • A personalized certificate of adoption 
  • An animal fact sheet
  • Wild parent decal
  • Animal plush or two guest passes
  • Water Bottle

December Recognition:

Thank you to our December Adopt-An-Animal participants: 

Guardian Level:

Olivia Obert - Aldabra Tortoises

Molly Willis - Ocelots

Loyalist Level:

Kiley Edwards - Ocelots

Keeper Level:

Lauren Hoffman - Red Pandas

Annie-Mae Brighton - African Lions

Haelan Long - Red Pandas

The McLarty Family - Rheas

Ashwin Long - Sumatran Orangutans

Phyllis Gilreath - Ocelots

Carolyn Gilreath - Amur Leopards

Jim Gilreath - Aldabra Tortoises

The Winslow Family - African Lions

Jason Long - Anteater

Mary Long - Masai Giraffe

Mary Roberts - Black & White Ruffed Lemurs

Jim Roberts - Coati

Ben - Red Pandas

Jaxon Adam Harvey - Aldabra Tortoises

Jared Clairmont - Red Pandas

Ashley Clairmont - Amur Leopards

Brady Spirtz - Red Pandas

Gene Ray MaGruder - Sumatran Orangutans

Giant Anteater