Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Large Letters "GCF" in orange with a silhouette of a Giraffe.


Who: Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF)
What: Giraffe (Multiple Species) (Vulnerable)
Where: Primarily southern and eastern countries in Africa
Why: GCF is involved in a wide range of conservation and research efforts related to giraffe.  They have education programs for people in Africa, for example the KEEP program in Namibia (Khomas Environmental Education program) is a hands-on environmental education program designed to get city kids out of the classroom and into nature.  They track and monitor several different population groups in their host countries.  Their DNA research is what has determined that there are 4 separate species of giraffe.  Their involvement ranges from program implementation to providing technical support to partners, from conservation monitoring to hands-on conservation actions, from direct to indirect support. 

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