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  1. Turtle

    May 20, 2022: Students Meet Zoo Ambassador Animals

    Our education team presented a zoomobile program for Five Oaks Academy. Plus, the zoo welcomed a male red panda named Neo as a companion to our female who recently went on exhibit. Read Bill's Blog
  1. Red Panda

    May 13, 2022: Ahsa on Exhibit

    The Greenville Zoo is excited to announce Ahsa, the red panda, is now on exhibit in our Asia corridor. The final homeschool theme of this year was ‘Cycles, Recycles, and Upcycles’. Read Bill's Blog
  1. Ocelot Exhibit

    May 6, 2022: New Ocelot Exhibit

    This week the Greenville Zoo completed the construction of our new ocelot exhibit. We joined together to celebrate ‘Save the Frogs Day’ with arts, crafts and conservation! Read Bill's Blog
Cartoon Bill Cooper

Administrator Bill Cooper is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening at the Greenville Zoo.

Bill is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and a past president of the Aquarium and Zoo Facilities Association.

He came to Greenville from the Indianapolis Zoo and previously worked at the Phoenix Zoo and Zoo Atlanta.