Kids Korner

Kids Korner

Here you'll find some exciting activities for our youngest explorers, designed specifically for families looking for ways to connect children to nature in the zoo, your backyard, and our region.

Nature Play at the Zoo

We're passionate about connecting children to nature with playful experiences! Look for pop up nature play events to be announced on Facebook where your children can get messy, ask questions, and explore our world through play.  

Check our nature play posts here to see what inspires us to get outdoors and to learn about the benefits of playing in nature.

Find out more about our free nature club for families! Hikes, outings, and outdoor adventures strive to connect your family to natural places of the Upstate in the wildest way. Get to know families in your area while being a part of this fun club!

Unite for Literacy

The Greenville Zoo is proud to host Unite for Literacy books on its site. This non-profit aims to increase literacy in the community by offering access to its free digital library. Read a book

Secret Safari

Start your secret safari and view your 1st clue. Contact our Education Department at 864-467-4850 if you need a hint! 

On Your Own Play

Fun activities
Coloring Pages

Tails Up!

Tails Up is sponsored by the AZA and is a fun way for kids of all ages to learn about all kinds of animals. Choose from exciting games with levels from easy to medium to hard. Get to know (and see more of!) hundreds of furry, slithery, cute, feathery, and unique creatures. There’s also a gallery to flip through and learn what the animals look like, as well as some fun facts you can share with friends. More about Tails Up

Tails Up