Do you have a gift shop?
Yes. The Safari Shop offers an array of zoo-themed gifts, t-shirts and toys. VISA and MasterCard are accepted in the gift shop.

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1. Can we bring food and drinks along? Are picnic areas available?
2. How long does it take to tour the zoo?
3. Are there special feeding times?
4. Are pets welcome in the zoo?
5. What is your policy regarding the donation of complimentary tickets?
6. Is smoking allowed at The Greenville Zoo?
7. How can I be assured animals are treated humanely?
8. What is your method of payment?
9. Do you have an ATM in the zoo?
10. Is alcohol allowed in the zoo?
11. Do you have a concession stand?
12. Do you have a gift shop?
13. Can you reserve shelters inside the zoo?
14. Do you rent strollers, wheelchairs, or scooters?
15. Is the zoo handicapped accessible?
16. Where are the restrooms located in the zoo?
17. Can you leave the zoo and return later?
18. Do you give rain checks for inclement weather?
19. Can you bring bikes, rollerblades, skates or skateboards to the zoo?
20. Is there a dress code to enter the zoo?